How the COVID Pandemic Has Forever Changed How We Pay

Several surveys done this year have shown a significant trend in how we pay for goods and services. We are not only moving further away from cash, but moving closer to Contactless Payments. What is Contactless Payments? It is the ability to just tap your card or phone on a payment device instead of providing the card to the person at the counter or actually using the card slot on the payment device. A survey by Fiserv, Inc. found that 67% expect to use mobile/contactless payments vs cash or checks on a permanent basis even when the pandemic is finally over. This is an increase of 27% who responded to…

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Keeping Our Customers Informed during COVID-19

To all of our merchants, Thank you for trusting Accept Credit Cards with your processing needs.  We take your needs very seriously and will continue servicing your accounts every day. Given the disruption in our country due to the Covid-19, we would like to let you all know that we will still be open to…

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Daylight Savings Time change

Accept Credit Cards would like to remind everyone that the time change to Daylight Savings happens this weekend.  Most of our equipment will update automatically, however, as some merchants do have older equipment, those merchants may need to call our customer service department to have the time changed manually. It is important that your equipment…

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Clover Discontinues Cash Surcharging Applications and Deactivates Applications on Current Devices

As mentioned before, Clover Devices will no longer allow surcharging. First Data has removed all Surcharging Applications from the Clover Market and have deactivated those that have already been downloaded on to current Clover devices. The Cash Discounting Application does still exist and is available in the Clover App Market: So, how do you continue…

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The Apple Credit Card-What is it?

Maybe you have heard about the new Apple Credit Card that is to be issued by the end of August this year. But, is it really a credit card. The short answer is yes, but not really at the same time. There will be a physical titanium card the will be issued for those that…

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