While Clover discontinued Surcharging applications, they have do have two Cash Discounting applications.

What is the real difference you might ask? The answer is that with Surcharging, you are adding the processing rate to your advertised price when accepting credit cards. Cash Discounting is when you have built-in the discount rate into your advertised price, but offer a cash discount if the customer pays with cash or check.

Clover has the following applications that allow you to offer Cash Discounts to your customer after you have adjusted your advertised price to include your credit card processing cost.

Cash Discount by SPS


Tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in processing fees? Lower processing fees, finally a tool to reduce your cost and truly affect your bottom line. Cash Discount offers the small business owner a way to recoup much of the cost associated with accepting credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express) while offering a discount to Cash, debit cards & check payments. Note: Works with the following Clover Service Plans: Register Lite and the Register Plan Example 1. Item sale price is $104.00 Using the Cash Discount app when a customer purchases an item with credit card the item sale price will be $104.00 If they pay with cash, checks or debit the customer will receive cash discount of $4.00 making the final sale price $100.00 Example 2. Merchant processed $100,000 per month in Credit Cards; Incurring processing fees of approximately $4000.00 Using Cash Discount App the merchant should be able to recover the majority of the processing fees. Merchant will provide the customer a discount for payment made by Cash, Checks and Debit. The app works very well for various industry types; Jewelry Stores, Liquor Stores, Lawyers, Restaurants, Vapor Shops, Flower Shops, Cafés, Locksmith, Wholesalers, Delivery Services, Boutiques, Dr. Offices, Dentist, X-ray, Postal Shops, Gift Shops, Tours, Clothing Stores, Nail Salons, Spas, Gas Stations, Beauty Salons, Night Clubs, Grocery Stores, Cosmetics Kiosk, Plumbing Services, Smoke Shops, Equipment Rentals, Ice Cream, Super Market, Pet Grooming Services, Furniture Stores, Car Wash, Animal Hospital, Fireworks, Short Term Rentals, Tattoo Shops, Food Trucks, Limo Services, Taxi’s, Perfume Stores, Charities, Towing Companies, Cleaning Services, Fast Clinics, Tire , Carpet Cleaning, Auto Oil Change, Gyms, Installers Edit the Customer Rewards to Dollars ratio inside the integrated Rewards

Pricing & Subscription Information

Tier 1

– $19.95 per month

Tier 2

– $29.95 per month


Available on

Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station



Cash Discount PLUS by PaymentLock, Inc


Cash Discount Plus gives every hard working business the opportunity to drastically reduce your monthly costs, associated to credit card fees by integrating this custom application to drive your business. By calculating your fixed non-cash discount percentage, your customers will be presented with a Cash Discount, if they use Debit or Cash to complete the transaction. These very small fees add up to costing your business thousands of dollars every month. Put more of your hard earned money back into your business! Upon downloading the application, your setup process is completely automated. Support is available to answer any questions that you may have at support@paymentlock.com

Pricing & Subscription Information

Cash Discount PLUS

– $39.95 per month

Custom Cash Discount Solution


Available on

Flex, Mini and Mobile


Either of these will work for the advantage of passing on your processing fees to the customer saving your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Accept Credit Cards already offers some of the lowest rates in the industry, so your markup would not be that noticeable. We also offer the some of the lowest cost on any of the Clover products.

Call us at 800.476.5020 opt. 1 (sales) to find out how we can help your business get started with a Clover processing system and then installing one of the Cash Discounting applications available.