Accept Credit Cards would like to remind everyone that the time change to Daylight Savings happens this weekend.  Most of our equipment will update automatically, however, as some merchants do have older equipment, those merchants may need to call our customer service department to have the time changed manually.

It is important that your equipment has the correct date and time. If it does not, then your batches will be affected and your funding will be delayed. Also, incorrect time and date will affect your receipts which could impact any disputes that may happen.

Again, we appreciate all of the trust and loyalty each of our merchants give to us. We would not be the company we are without your support. As always we strive to provide each merchant the best support and low rates they deserve. 

If you have any questions regarding the time change or any merchant processing question, call 800.476.5020 opt. 2 (customer service)

Please remember that if you refer a business that signs up with our service, we will send you $50.00 as thank you.

We at Accept Credit Cards thank you for your business!