So, you have a great idea and want to start your own business. Congratulations! You have answered the call that many think about, but few take. But, now that you have made that decision, now what do you do?

You probably have already made your business plan, talked with a banker, made the decision on how to form your new business, got the permits and licenses, figured out where you will open your business, built a website to advertise, maybe looked into a few business networking groups, but have you thought of everything? What about business insurance, using a financial planner to help you figure out where your revenue is going or how to invest it, or how are you going to accept payments for the business? All of this needs to be done. No one is smart enough to do it all on their own. And one of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is not planning for the future and using others around them to help build their business. They plan for the now! Oh, some may have a vague written 3 year plan, but again it is vague. New business owners need to really have a detailed plan. One should have a plan that stretches out to 5 years in the future.

As stated earlier, one of the items a business owner really needs to look into is how are payments for goods and services going to be collected. A business can no longer just exist on accepting cash or checks; it needs to accept card payments. This means that all businesses need to accept credit and debit cards. No business is too small to need this service. No matter if your business deals with customers face to face or just over the phone; accepting cards is a must! Again, for any business to survive and grow it must accept credit and debit cards. There are plenty of card service providers out there. But you need to find one that values your business, helps you find a processing product that makes sense for the business, will provide great customer service when a business needs it and charges a fair rate. In other words you need Accept Credit Cards at Electronic Merchant Systems!

The process of finding a card processor is the same when choosing any business service to help your business grow. Whether it is choosing your business bank, insurance company, financial advisor/accountant, to website/advertising development, it all comes down to who will be there when you need them. We at Accept Credit Cards value each merchant no matter on their size. We want to help each business grow and be with that business for its duration.

Now go get out there and conquer the world!

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