With Accept Credit Cards processing service and Abreeze Technologies “Order Kiosk”, you can turn any Clover Mini into an order kiosk for your customers to do their own orders and payments.

With Order Kiosk you can now have your customers enter their own orders and make their own payment! Speed up your line and drastically reduce wait time and give customers a fun high-tech ordering experience. · Perfect for QSR (express line) or FSR (order from table)! · Merchant chooses subset of items to be visible to customers · Merchant can name each Kiosk that prints on its Orders · Variable price items are perfect for donations! Customers can place their order and pay on any Clover Mini or Mobile or connect any Android tablet to just take orders. Order Kiosk collects customer information to track purchases and build your customer email list! For use on an Android tablet, download the “Clover Order Kiosk” app from Google Play on any Android Device and enter in the password provided on your Clover to take orders! If you need an Android tablet, we suggest the Galaxy Tab 4.

For more information:  Contact Accept Credit Cards at 800-476-5020 opt. 1 (sales)