Restaurant owners can now speed up their order preparation with the Kitchen Display App from 4 Leaf Labs while processing with Accept Credit Cards.

Here is what the Kitchen Display is all about:

30 day free trial available Price $9.99 – $24.99
NEW FEATURES: Bumpbar compatibility, Foreign language support The Kitchen Display app speeds orders through your kitchen and increases order accuracy. When orders are entered into the Register or Tables app on your Clover, full orders are displayed in seconds to another display located wherever they are being prepared. VIDEO DEMO: BASIC VERSION (QSR): + Orders are displayed 4 or 8 to a screen + Highlight late orders with a red indicator + Route items to different stations based on Order Types + Filter which Items to display with Inventory Labels (eg. Hot, Cold, Station1) + Displays foreign languages PREMIUM VERSION (FSR): + Supports Tables app + Displays time for open or unpaid orders + Running Time for each individual item + 2 Stage Order Fulfillment, Start/Done Each Item 3rd party Android 4.1+ tablets or conversion kit required to install app. Most displays are easily mounted in food preparation areas. Compatible with Register Plan and Register Lite Plan

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