Glossary N

N.A.T.: Stands for network address translation. Known as network masquerading, or IP-masquerading. Change of an IP address used within one network to a different IP address known within another network.

Network Components: Includes, but is not limited to: firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points, network appliances, and additional security appliances.

Network Security Scan: An automated tool that remotely checks merchant or service provider information systems for vulnerabilities. Non-intrusive test involves probing external-facing systems based on external-facing IP addresses and reporting on services available to external network (that is, services available to the Internet). Scans recognized vulnerabilities in operating systems, services, and devices that could be used by hackers to target the company's private network.

Network: Two or more computers linked together to share resources.

News group: One of the many facilities available on the Internet. Like most of the Internet, news groups are run voluntarily and cooperatively. A news group is centered on a discussion topic, like business ownership (e.g., Within news groups, several discussions or threads occur on themes within the specific topic. If you find a particular news group of interest, you can "subscribe" to it, and then "post" your comment or query. Eventually, it will be seen by anyone else who subscribes to the particular news group.

Non-consumer users: Any individual, excluding consumer customers, whom accesses systems, including but not limited to: employees, administrators, and third parties.

Note: All airline, telephone, and mail order transactions must be authorized, even if the amount is under your floor limit. An imprint can be created electronically by using a magnetic stripe-reading terminal that includes the correct point-of-sale (POS) entry code.

N.T.P.: Protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks.

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