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We distinguish ourselves from our competitors who charge more to receive your funds the next day.

I have used EMS since I started in business and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of the service I received. EMS exhibits a high degree of professionalism in dealing with its clients, excellent customer service, and low rates.

On 11/16 a fax from M*******s Choice payment solutions was sent attention to Kim, my office manager, and Dr. C, my colleague, stating " here is the information you requested on the "FREE PCI Compliant Vx510". At this very time we were engaged in adding Dr. C, who had just joined our practice, onto our existing machine, which we had with you. Kim had spoken to someone at EMS who had assured her that our terminal was already compliant, so she sent a fax back stating "when we spoke on 11/16 I was under the impression our terminal was compliant--but if it's not, we need to make arrangements to upgrade." She was under the impression she was dealing with EMS. I don't know how M********s Choice got her and Dr. C's name and timed this so perfectly with our adding Dr. C to our service; otherwise we would have been more vigilant. That is my fault. I was letting the front office handle it. When Kim came to me she said our machine was not compliant, but that “EMS” was going to send us a new one for free, and that Oh, by the way, they said they could now give us better rates. I was agreeable, and because of my long history of positive experience with your company, signed the papers Kim gave me and provided a voided check, thinking it a little unusual, but not suspicious enough because I thought I was dealing with you. Wendy, my patient care manager, even asked a representative if they were EMS and they told her they were. (This was while she was attempting to program the terminal--a nightmare).

Dr. C never got a written contract, and I finally got a readable copy after I had signed the almost illegible faxed contact. It was 3 single-spaced pages of letters 1mm. high and I needed a magnifying glass to read it. When we started having problems with batch reports and deposits I finally realized who we were dealing with and that we had been scammed. The terminal we received was the same model we had already been using with you, although the fax we received from M*******'s Choice had ours circled as non-compliant.

Each doctor was charged a $95.00 annual fee that was not disclosed in the contract--(an "unspecified" annual fee was mentioned.) We got half of this back. When we realized our mistake, we discovered we had signed onto a 3 year contract with a $495.00 per doctor cancellation fee.

It is with great heaviness of heart that I conclude my business relationship with Electronic Merchant Systems. You and Nick provided wonderful support through this whole mess and went above and beyond what a typical customer service representative would do. Hopefully we can do business together again in the future!!


Denise P. D.C.

I am a previous customer of Accept Credit Cards at Electronic Merchant Systems, Inc. I terminated my service with them several years ago sucked in by another company promising better rates. After just a short time, I discovered that I was paying more than I had been paying with Electronic Merchant Systems. I tried another company after that and was not happy with their service. Now here I am back with Accept Credit Cards some 3-4 years later.

Thank you Accept Credit Cards for excellent business practices and competitive rates."


Dr. Alan D.
President - Cedar Valley Family Dentistry

We are a small country club and golf course and we were in search of a more effective means of credit card processing. This search turned out to be a rather disenchanting process in trying to decipher the truth in rates and fees offered from various other companies. On more than one occasion we were given comparison quotes that were deceptive in their presentation to gain our business. Hidden fees, lack of accurate capture of potential rates, etc .Accept Credit Cards presented an "open" quote for our business, leaving nothings to guess, offering complete explanations to rate processes, etc.In a field where it seems there are many companies dressed as wolves in sheep's clothing, it is refreshing to find an honest network to do business with.


Chaparral Country Club

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for the great customer service I recently received.

A few days ago my old credit card machine broke down. I called your 1-800 number and a gentleman named Jason assisted me. Jason was a pleasure to deal with, he was very helpful. He quickly helped me get a new credit card machine at no charge... and sure enough, just as Jason promised, I got my new machine today.

I hate dealing with broken machines or even calling 1-800 number for help but I must admit that my recent experience with Jason and your company was absolutely painless. Thank you and keep up the good work!


Luis L.
Owner - Luis L. Automotive

We have been with your company for five years. I like how your charges are posted once a month and not individually. We have looked at other services but are not interested. We like the way you help us whenever we have a question.


Boyd K.
Water Water Water, Inc

We received notification that our credit card machines was out dated and needed to be replaced. Little did we know that this was just a "scam." We were very happy with Accept Credit Cards. The company that mislead us should be penalized. After the fax you sent us we realized that we were mislead, we never realized what had happened. I thought we had just upgraded our machine. Believe me I would have never changed companies. We had no complaints at all with your company.

Now I find that there will be a $79.00 annual fee with ....... If I could switch back to your company without penalty I would.


Ms. Sonia
Office of Bernard W. Asher, M.D

We would like to say how relieved we are that we are switching back to your company. Recently, we switched to another company thinking we were going to get a better rate. After switching companies we were shocked to find that the low interest we were promised was a lie. Not only were we charged a higher interest, but added fees that were never disclosed. We attempted a dozen times to get this matter resolved, but we never received returned phone calls, and when someone would finally answer the phone we didn't get anything but the run around and more broken promises about someone returning our phone calls. We are sorry that we switched in the first place, but are very glad to have the same great company to return to.


Bayn W.
Autumn Wood Construction

I was with your company for 4 years and enjoyed great service. I made the mistake of letting a salesman talk me into another company, stating I would get better rates. After signing they started adding hidden fees. With Accept Credit Cards at Electronic Merchant Systems, I never had any hidden costs or fees. You are always professional and straight forward. Thanks for taking me back!


Christine M.
Creative Cakes and Desserts

Just a note to let you know the reason I preferred your company over the other, is because your fees were better than our current company.


Adil Al B
James Monroe Bank

You have an employee there whose name is Matt H. and has assisted me in the past. This past Friday we had a very difficult situation where a customer had a Master Card and had a cash advancement here, and then had a problem with our machine. In any event this customer's charge ended up going through nine times instead of one and we owed them twelve thousand dollars. He really went above and beyond in assisting me on getting this customer's account straightened out. He was just a really helpful individual and he is very knowledgeable.


Janet U.
James Monroe Bank in Leesburg

I'm writing this letter as a testimonial of the truly quality customer service and pricing that your company offers. Over the last 18 months I had called on several occasions for one reason or another. Even though you typically get different people when you call, every single person I talked to was extremely helpful and friendly. Whatever problem I was having was solved quickly and painlessly.

We didn't have any complaints with your company, but had received several offers by mail to try other credit card companies. So, my husband, thinking we'd save a little, switched to another company. WRONG! The pricing was ridiculous and the customer service was AWFUL!

I'm VERY HAPPY to be back with Electronic Merchant Systems and am looking forward to working with you again.


Cindy G.
Gray Wolf Mountain Inn

I just wanted to talk to you about Latisha W. I have had some dealings with your company before, but I had never met anyone like her that was so professional listened to my problem. She handled my problem by calling my bank and just took care of everything the way it should have been done.


Paul B.
Owner - Computer Barn

Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding the other day with my HUGE mistake. It's a lesson that I will never forget. Your patience with me was very appreciated. You must think I'm the dumbest person in the world, but because you worked with me, I learned something very important. Thanks again. Keep Smiling! You are so appreciated!



I have three different accounts with Electronic Merchant Systems for three different businesses. Every time I have a problem or anything with my machine, I always call one of your techs. I just want to let you know you have really good employees that always fix my problems very professionally. They are definitely an asset to your company and also to me.


Joseph L. DO
Pro-Med Diagnostics & Duplication

I hereby wish to discontinue my contract with F. N. Processing. When I switched my credit card service to you, I believed that my fees would be less than those I was currently receiving from Electronic Merchant Systems of Alexandria, VA. After having received my first statement from F. N., I realized that that was not the case so I wish to continue my service with Electronic Merchant Systems.


Julian B. Jr., M.D.

I feel impelled to write you this note, thanking you for having such a wonderful customer service department. They are getting harder to find every day.

We have been dealing with your Mr. Nicholas L., at ext. 603, for almost ten years. He is one great communicator. He never rushes us with any of our dumb questions. He is also very good at returning calls, left on his answering machine.

Again, thank you for keeping such fine employees to help us, as your customer in need.


John C.
Treasurer - Knights of Columbus

I received the credit card imprinting machine and the electronic transaction machine today. I have it all plugged in, and I don't know what to say. Thanks a million, we really appreciate getting set up


Number One Engine of Arizona

We at Lilliput Dollhouses and Miniatures (formerly Lilliput Dollhouse Realty) would like to once again be serviced by you. At the time of our changing credit card service from your company to C.p.c. we were given better rates than you were giving us. Although the basic rate was better, their method of calculating fees was actually was not as good as yours. Once I was committed, I felt obligated to stay with them for the period of time that I did until now.

In addition to their fee differences their monthly report drove me crazy. My son and business partner Thomas Leone provided me with a weekly report of all cash and credit card transactions and their exact amounts. When the report from C. p.c. would come in I was driven crazy trying to compare the entries to my son's report. As CEO & CFO of L&T Associates I maintained control of all financial records.

Please accept the forth-coming application. I'm fairly positive that we can once again be a satisfied customer of yours.


Louis L.
L&T Associates

We found that we had put Credit Card sales money in our old account. I thought "Oh my god I didn't even give you guys our new number." It's just been so frantic and so today was the first time I called and spoke to a representative and he sent me the forms within minutes to be filled out... Hey listen if they lived here I would be stealing them as employees so it's a good thing you're in Virginia but they were really wonderful.


Rosanna G.
Guld and Wellness Center

The Milton Electric Co. has terminated its contract with F. d., we were dissatisfied with their service and inability to produce the original rates of 2.05% for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover stated in the proposal. We are estimating a rate of approximately 3% in which they are charging us. I was also told there would be no annual fee or set up fee and they charged $600.00 to set up the account and $70.00 annual fee.

Milton Electric wishes to come back to Electronic Merchants under the terms we discussed with Jason in October. In the past we never had any problems with Electronic Merchant Systems.


John B.
President - Milton Electric Co.

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