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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Increases sales, saves time, and reduces operating expenses

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Attract New Clients Wirelessly

Start accept Wireless Credit Cards Processing!

Wireless credit card processing increases sales, saves time, and reduces operating expenses. Many business owners prefer wireless terminals for a few simple reasons:

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Benefits of Wireless

  • Flexibility: You can accept cards where it previously was impossible—such as an outdoor event.
  • Convenience: No second line needed and no need to rent phone lines at trade shows.
  • Protection: Reduces risk. Swiping reduces chance of fraudulent or stolen card being used.
  • Security: Increased security. Wireless processing reduces the amount of cash you and your staff handle.
  • Portability: Wireless is small, lightweight, and portable.
  • You and everyone else most likely has a cell phone!

It’s your money why should you wait for it?

Mobile Device Enabled Processing

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors who charge more to receive your funds the next day.

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We Process All Payment Types

Superior customer service combined with some of the lowest rates.

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