Glossary V

Variable Interest Rate: This is based on fluctuating rates in the banking system, such as the prime rate. For example, if on January 1, the prime rate was 6 percent and your credit card's variable rate formula was the prime rate plus 9.9 percent, your interest rate would be 15.9 percent (see prime rate).

Venture Capital: Money available to invest in new and/or uncertain enterprises.

Verified by Visa: Visa's online security program that allows consumers to add their own password to their existing Visa card. Consumers are able to have confidence, knowing that their personal information is safe when they buy online.

Virus: A program that may severely harm your computer's files. They are often developed with the specific intention of harm.

Visa: An association of financial institutions set up to issue cards to consumers and businesses, and accept cards for payment of goods and services from businesses.

Visa e-Pay: A fully electronic, bi-directional solution for payment delivery. It reduces your business expenses, streamlines operations, and improves payment service.

Visa Flag: The Visa logo that represents your acceptance of Visa debit and credit cards, as well as Visa Corporate and Business cards, at the point of sale (POS).

Visits: Indicates how many times a Web page has been visited by Internet users. Example: if a site has received over 400,000 visits, the home page has been displayed by different users all over the world more than 400,000 times.

Voice Authorization: An authorization obtained from the card issuer via an interactive voice system.

Void: This occurs when you delete a transaction, usually because of operator error. Once a transaction has been voided, the corrected transaction can be entered and processed.

V.P.N.:  Stands for: virtual private network. Private network established over a public network.

Vulnerability Scan: Scans used to recognize vulnerabilities in operating systems, services, and devices that could be used by hackers to target the company's private network.

Vulnerability: Weakness in system security procedures, system design, implementation, or internal controls that could be exploited to infringe upon system security policy.

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