Glossary W

Web browser (also, Browser): An application program that interprets HTML and leads to the final Web page. A browser is used to surf the World Wide Web. Examples include: Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape® Navigator.

Web Page: An HTML document containing information searched by the surfer that can be viewed from the Internet.

Web Site: A collected group of Web pages that represents a company, individual, or specific subject on the World Wide Web.

Welcome page (also, Homepage): The opening page of a Web site. It should contain site navigation and appropriate contact information of the individual or business associated with the Web site.

W.E.P.: Stands for: wired equivalent privacy. Protocol to avert accidental eavesdropping and intended to provide comparable confidentiality to traditional wired network. Does not provide adequate security against intentional eavesdropping (for example, cryptanalysis.)

W.P.A.: Stands for: WiFi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2). Security protocol for wireless (WiFi) networks. Formed in response to several serious weaknesses in the WEP protocol.

WWW: Stands for: World Wide Web. A browsable, interlinked collection of pages on the Internet.

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